I Lived in No 5 Old Row in the early 1920's with my Mother and Father and my brother, Harry.
I remember trams running down the incline, visiting the colliery airshaft with my father who knew the men who worked there and picking coal during the 1926 general strike. I also remember the terrific Whit Monday thunderstorm and being sent home from the top Chapel Anniversary party. The water poured down our back garden through the house and out of the front door. There were deep trenches in the roads and fields as far as Two Locks canal.
In the late 20's we moved to Llanshawel farm near St Peters Church. Harry and me would walk to Henllys School through the fields past the Pandy. The Head Teacher's name was Mr Max Thomas, Mr Moore, Gladys Pennels and her sister were the other teachers there. I also belonged to 1st Henllys Scout Troop. Robin Clarke and Dave Pugh were the Scouters in charge.
At the Four Oaks there was a Gypsy caravan where Madam Solani told fortunes and between there and the village was the Brocks Tea Gardens.
The Vicar at St Peters was Rev Jessie Evans and there is a stone in the graveyard dated 1606.
The Edwards family lived in No 2 New Row and I think they emigrated to Edmonton Canada. Joyce was one of the daughters.
These are the people who lived in Old and New Row then

Old Row:-
1 Rodericks
2 Fred Marsh
3 N/K
4 Williams. Violet-John-Rose-Ivor
5 Calder. Mam-Dad-Harry and Me
6 Carpenter. Ivor- Ron-Aubrey-Clive-Edith-Bryn.

My grandson Stuart Calder now lives at No 3 Old Row

New Row:-
1 Crimmins
2 Jones
3 Kingsley Wright
4 Roberts. Connie-Hazel-Eileen-Jimmy
5 Blackledge
6 Rosie Morton

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