Letter's Page

I found your site today what a treat. I lived in the village up until I was fifteen. At first we lived at Craig -y Celiog Farm which is down past the Castell pitch. Then we lived in Park Close and finally we moved to Gwynda which is right above the Dorallt. I was back in Wales last year and it saddened me greatly to see how much the village had changed. All my family still live in the Cwmbran area. My sister still lives at Craig-y Cello Farm. In fact my aunt and uncle used to run the Dorallt pub then lived in the bungalow (Craig-y Nos) next door.

I would like it very much if you would post my message I would love to get in touch with some old friends from Henllys School. Do you know if Fairwater Comp has an Internet site, as I would also be interested in locating some friends that I had there?

I love your pictures of Henllys School and the Church, is there any way I can purchase these? I have some prints of Old Cwmbran but the ones of Henllys naturally would have more meaning for me. My Mother checks on a regular basis with the man who sells prints in the in-shops but has yet to have any luck. Please give my regards to your family and I would welcome any news of them. I saw and spoke to Mrs Hill when I was home last year.

Bye for now

Mandy Edwards nee Jenkins

P.S I now live in Canada
I have informed Mandy that she can print a picture of the Church & School, or any other picture, from my      .

She would love to hear from her old school friends so if you are out there please get in touch. boddyedwards@hotmail.com