HOLE 1 and 10 ~ Par 4


(c) David J Williams
White Hole 1 285yds S.I. 14   Hole 10 285yds S.I. 13  
Yellow Hole 1 274yds S.I. 14 Hole 10 274yds S.I. 13
Red Hole 1 266yds S.I.   9 Hole 10 266yds S.I. 10

A short opening Par 4. You must avoid the fairway bunkers and hit the fairway to give yourself the best chance of hitting a small well guarded two tier green.
Finish short and you'll have a tricky chip/putt up the tier.
Go long and you are out of bounds.
A good birdie chance ~ accuracy is the key to success.
Paul Mayo
PGA Professional

"One of the main features of golf is that it tests the player's ability to execute a wide assortment of strokes under a variety of different conditions. The skill factor in golf would be greatly reduced if players could eliminate difficult conditions, without incurring any penalty, rather than have to overcome them through execution of a particular stroke. It is therefore, a traditional golfing maxim that you should play the ball as it lies and the course as you find it. This is encapsulated in Rule 9-1 which provides, "the ball must be played as it lies, except as otherwise provided in the Rules".


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